IsoStrength Lite

Helps Reduce Back Pain

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IsoStrength Travel

Reduces Leg & Foot Pain

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Only $69.95

Only $69.95

Flexibility/Strength System

DVD, IsoStrength Lite and Complete Body

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Only $119.95

Stretching and Strengthening Devices that Help Relieve Pain and Lessen Chances of Injury

Saves You Time and Hundreds of Dollars on Doctor Visits

The IsoStrength® family of products are ideally suited for both men and women, runners, bikers, martial arts, yoga or athletes who want to improve fitness, flexibility, increase their range of motion and prevent injury.

All major joints and muscle groups are targeted to maximize your physical and athletic potential.

IsoStrength's® family of products can keep your body in the correct alignment for stretching exercises and allow you a deeper stretch than you can get on your own. Throw them in your gym bag or your travel luggage or use them in the convenience of your home.

If you are suffering from shoulder and/or back pain this is a solution to help strengthen and stretch your muscles.