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Welcome to IsoStrength®. My name is Dr. Ehsan Khademi. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and the inventor of the IsoStrength family of products. I have had the privilege of helping thousands of patients and athletes with their low back pain, sciatica and variety of upper and lower leg conditions over the past twenty plus years.

Although the IsoStrength family of products help the strength and flexibility of the entire body, the initial invention and thought behind it was born focusing on low back pain, one of the most common, disabling conditions in the world. Many studies exist on the prevalence of low back pain, some estimating that as many as 8 of 10 Americans will suffer from it at some point in their lives.

I would like to share with you a simple secret that has helped many of my patients over the years. It is straightforward and amazingly effective. If you embrace this technique and use it on a daily basis, you can significantly reduce your chances of suffering from low back or leg pain.

A few years back, on a cold wintery day while my family was out of town, I decided to re-pot some large planters that we had in our living room. I had to get into awkward positions to get the planters through the doors to the garage. Please do not try this at home. That evening, after my task was complete, I experienced the worst low back pain of my life. The pain was so excruciating that I could not even drive myself to see a Chiropractor for treatment. Suddenly I found myself in the shoes of my patients that I had been caring for over the years. I had been asking them to stretch their hamstrings daily to prevent low back pain, but I had failed to do that myself. Often we get into a false illusion that we are invincible because we may be physically fit and active, or simply just feel ‘okay’. We decide we do not need to take the preventative precautions to properly care for our backs. As I discovered that winter night, this reasoning is as ridiculous as saying we are too healthy to brush our teeth and floss.

The night I injured my back, I had no one at home to help me stretch my legs. All I could do at the time was to apply ice to my back and rest. I tried bending to stretch my back and legs, but that made things even worse. Finally, I crawled to a nearby wall and managed to raise my legs against the wall to stretch them one at a time. That stretching relieved my pain greatly and when my wife returned the next day, she continued to help me stretch my legs and hamstrings. I then saw a Doctor of Chiropractic for further care and treatments. My recovery was expedited greatly from the stretching I did each day, the same stretching I’d been prescribing to patients for years.

My first-hand experience with low back pain brought me to the realization that what I had been asking my patients to do was a little more complicated than I had originally thought. As simple as it sounds, one cannot always stretch his or her legs whenever or wherever he or she wishes. This epiphany was the birth of the IsoStrength family of products.  I decided that I was going to invent devices that can help millions of people who suffer from periodic low back pain to stretch effectively on their own. Moreover, I believed that the right stretching device could help millions of people to prevent and avoid ever having to experience low back pain. I knew that the concept I envisioned had to be effective, portable, and easy to use.

Prior to the invention of dental floss, people generally took for granted the importance of cleaning the spaces between teeth diligently in order to prevent gum disease and cavities. Today, the benefits of flossing have become common knowledge. The same concept holds true for most parts and organs of our body, including the spine. Consistent and proper stretching is an important step in caring for your low back, and it is my belief this simple, proactive step will greatly benefit your long term health. The ability to stretch your upper leg independent of your lower leg is valuable in that the pain caused from stretching one part of the leg does not limit you from stretching the other part of the leg. The IsoStrength Travel device allows you to do just that, without the assistance of a partner. Keeping the hamstring and hip muscles well stretched will help maintain the curvature of your lumbar spine in its normal state. Stretching your lower leg independent of your upper leg is as important for the health of your low back. Patients with plantar fasciitis or tight calves could over time develop low back pain from their compromised gait. I have designed the IsoStrength stretching devices to become to your back what dental floss has become to your teeth.

The IsoStrength stretch devices are equipped with shock cord technology that assists to minimize the limiting pain of stretching by fooling the stretch reflex of your body’s defense mechanism to provide you an unmatched, painless stretching mobility in a very short period of time that you never thought was possible. Please refer to our coaching guidelines portion of the exercise section for further details. To ensure adequate physical health and lessen your chance of injury, it is essential that you also implement a workout regimen that includes toning of the muscles and exercise that emphasizes balance and coordination routines. To help you achieve this, I have also invented a simple, yet extremely effective strengthening device and cardio-balance bar that allows you to build your muscles and customize your cardio workout in addition to stretching.

As with any other fitness and exercise regimen, occasionally there may be more serious underlying health problems that are associated with lower back or leg pain. Some could be life threatening. Please check with your physician prior to using any of the IsoStrength devices.

Ehsan Khademi, D.C.

About Us

IsoStrength® is a family of products that are the cutting edge in stretching and strengthening technology.This family of products were invented by Dr. Ehsan Khademi as a result of his experiences treating thousands of patients and athletes over the past twenty years as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

The IsoStrength family of products allows you to achieve an extremely effective stretch in a short period of time with minimal pain and discomfort without requiring the assistance of a partner to do so. You can perform the IsoStrength Stretch Technique™ (ISS) using our

IsoStrength Stretch devices equipped with Shock Cord Technology™to minimize the limiting pain of stretching by fooling the stretch reflex of your body’s defense mechanism to provide you an unmatched, painless stretching mobility in a very short period of time.

In addition, we have developed an easily portable strengthening system that allows our users to achieve a full body workout at a gym or athletic facility, in the comforts of their office, home or hotel room, or even while traveling in a train, bus or airplane. With the assistance of IsoStrength Complete Body, you can perform Isometric or Isotonic routines depending on your workout regimen.

For your cardio workout, use IsoStrength’s Cardio-Balance Bar. This lightweight, padded bar with reflector ends lets you perform Proprioceptive (Balance) routines in addition to upper body workout as you jog, run or walk. 

Whether you are a weekend warrior, busy executive or professional athlete, stretching and strengthening are key components in preventing injury and improving performance. Use our IsoStrength devices as your personal trainer while on the go. Throw one in your gym bag, tennis bag, briefcase or suit case and experience results that you never thought were possible.

Wide Range of Uses

The IsoStrength® family of products consists of cutting edge stretching and strengthening devices that are self-packing, and easily portable. These devices can be utilized across a wide range of settings and when used routinely, in an appropriate manner, allow for you to stretch, tone and build your way to a physique you never thought was achievable. These products have ample portability and can be used in the following sports environments and leisure settings. IsoStrength provides the ultimate fitness and well-being experience for both the active athlete and the routine commuter and traveler.