Success Stories

Rob from Virginia Airline Pilot, Marathoner, Cyclist, and Dad :

As an airline pilot, I have the pleasure of crossing the country several times a week. My office offers a great view, but not a great place to stretch or exercise. When I arrive at my destination, I make sure i exercise usually by running or lifting weights. My profession requires me to maintain a healthy fitness level and lifestyle, and the Oozeeki system of stretching and strengthening tools keeps my blood flowing - even after a transcontinental flight. It is required equipment that I will always keep in my suitcase, to enhance my workouts both on the road, and at home.

Unn Villus a frequent flyer, VP, Business Development:

The IsoStrength devices are all amazing and so practical for my lifestyle. With all the travel I do, it’s great to have a portable workout routine, not to mention the ability to go through a thorough, full-body stretch session after all those hours in an airplane seat. When I’m not out of town, I bring the Lite with me to the gym. And if I can’t fit the gym in – it’s a very busy life – I can simply do 15-20 minutes at home in the morning and evening. Worth every penny and highly recommended!

James Gross, Lawyer and Avid Raquetball Player

I play racquetball every Saturday morning with a group of friends.  Even though I stretch and warm-up before playing, for years I frequently woke up on Sunday feeling like I had “thrown my back out”.  The pain was in the lower left part of my back.  Sometimes it hurt so badly I could hardly walk.  I would take pain pills, rub on analgesic, use a heating pad and wear a back brace to work under my suit.  It would take a week or two to heal.

I asked Dr. Khademi what I could do about it.  First, he said the problem was my hamstrings were tight.  I said why do my hamstrings make my back hurt?  He told me that tight hamstrings make your pelvis tilt so that it is out of alignment with your back and legs.  This, he said, can cause muscle pain in your lower back.

Dr. Khademi then showed me his invention, the IsoStrength Lite stretch system, for stretching my hamstrings.  Upon purchasing the device, Dr. Khademi explained how to use it properly. First you push against the device with bent knee.  Then relax.  Then straighten your leg and pull it towards your head.  This is what a chiropractor would do to stretch a patient’s hamstring.  But IsoStrength Lite is like having your own chiropractor at your beck and call.

 I stretch a few nights a week now for only a few seconds.  And the best part of all is that it works!  I am back pain free.  I am so impressed with this little device that I bought two more to give to my friends who are complaining about their bad backs.


Todd Downey, two time New York marathon runner:

I have recently been introduce to the IsoStrength products. As a runner, my biggest challenge has been getting a good stretch in my upper and lower leg muscles. It’s always been a boring and painful part of my daily activity, but if I did not perform these stretches I would have a hard time with my runs. IsoStrength Travel, has been a life saver. It makes stretching fun and painless. I can take it with me and three to four times a day I can stretch no matter where I am. Before and after my runs it allows me to get a very effective stretch in only minutes. You must try this product, once you use it you will never stretch without it.

Mike Timchalk, drives 1,500-2,500/month:

I am a 58 years old sales representative and drive approximately 1,500-2,500 mile a month.  My first experience with back pain was when I turned 50 years old.  I started to experience constant lower back pain from driving so much and routine jobs around the house.  I saw Dr. Khademi for Chiropractic treatments and as a part of his treatment he explained to me the importance of stretching to maintain a healthy spine and to control my recurring low back pain. I started to perform some of the stretching techniques but found it to be difficult to find the place to perform the stretches properly at home and especially traveling.   Since I have been introduced to the IsoStrength stretch devices, it has been very easy to perform these routines.  IsoStrength is simple to use and compact.  I even use it watching TV.  I take it on vacation as well as my business trips.  One of the other things I noticed while using the Travel stretch device was that I could use it while lying in bed and didn’t have to get down on the floor.  This could be very difficult for an elderly or handicapped person.  Since I started using the Travel, I feel like I am 18 years younger and no longer have the constant lower back pain from the day to day driving or around the house projects.  It is amazing that something so simple to use made such a difference in my life. I am now able to travel and perform my stretching techniques anywhere and live with out the constant low back pain.  Thank you Dr. Khademi for your amazing product.

Michael Timchalk
Sales Representative, CMS, Inc

Father Tom Morrow

I was not sure this product would be an improvement on the cord I was using to stretch my hamstring. But I was pleasantly surprised. Using this device seemed much more natural and stretched my hamstrings more smoothly than the cord. Also, of course, I could use it to stretch my calf muscles as well. Good product.

God bless,  Father Tom Morrow